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Trading & Funding of gems and precious metals

We provide funding against assets as collateral anywhere in the world:

  • Precious metals, mainly gold (rough, powder, ingot or wire) platinum, palladium and silver (We accept Category 6 message types: Treasury Markets and Precious Metals, with the type designation MT 6xx)
  • Gems, mainly precious, as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, but also deal with semiprecious stones like pearls, jade, quartz or alexandrite.
  • Other minerals, mainly aluminum, copper and nickel (rough, powder or wire)
  • Jewelry, mainly those of gold and inlaid with precious stones, pearls and / or proven historical value.

Option to get funding without needing of transfer the assets.

Option to fund costs of transfer of assets from anywhere in the world to the designated jurisdiction for arranging the agreement and granting of the credit line (the lodging institution), to be funded by IBGroup (Service provided by international companies with proven experience in secure logistics solutions)

Option to arrange account opening in favor of owner of assets in the jurisdiction where agreement is dealt for receiving the credit line.