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Business bank account opening


Our close relationship with international banks, formed throughout our 20 years of experience allows us to recommend to our clients not only the establishment best suited to their needs but also a rigorously selected party.

IBGroup manage the opening of business bank account, with the utmost confidentiality. After opening the bank account, you can have a multicurrency account. When you receive a new currency the bank will automatically create a "sub-account" to avoid that you should pay the costs of the exchange transaction.

Of course, you have access to online banking, checks, payment, and you can withdraw cash from an ATM anywhere in the world.

The debit card may be nominative or otherwise not record any name. For example, the Travel Cash Card is a card issued only by Swiss banks. The main advantage of this debit card is that it does not appear any name, so that will allow you to withdraw cash or purchase goods easily and conveniently.