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Our Team of Legal and Financial Advisors with decades of experience in International Law, as well as International and Business Banking, will design for you the ideal Banking and Financial Structure so that, combining the appropriate jurisdictions according to your existing or potential business model, you will obtain the highest revenue for your money, maximizing and even exponentially multiplying your profit, reducing fixed and variable costs as well as reducing tax rates that will allow you to reach a tax rate of up to zero percent (0.00%), without having to change your country of physical and/or fiscal residence, as appropriate in every case, and with the highest confidentiality degree.


Company Formation


IBGroup designs the company that your profile and activity need in strategic locations around the world, such as the Bahamas, Belize, BVI, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, St. Lucia, Panama, Ras al-Khaimah, United Kingdom, Seychelles, Switzerland or Singapore.

The company may be of two types:


  • "Founders" may be domiciled either inside or outside the home in which it is registered the company.
  • The company can carry out their activities within the jurisdiction of registration.
  • Normally it offers a view of greater guarantees to customers and suppliers.
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, taxation can be very advantageous.


  • "Founders" must be domiciled outside the territory in which it is registered the company.
  • The company must conduct all its business outside the jurisdiction of registration.
  • Normally offers a very advantageous or even no taxation, provided if the activity is not exercised in the territory in which it is registered.

The Shelf companies are corporate entities founded by a provider who holds the ownership of the company until a buyer appears. Once the transaction, the ownership of the company is transferred to third party, who starts its business with the name of said company. The acquisition of a "Shelf Company" presents these advantages include:

  • Save time it would take to form a new company.
  • Access procurement contracts (in some jurisdictions, companies must have a certain age to access it)
  • Access, often to a wider range of banking and financial products (in some jurisdictions, companies must have a certain age, by example, to access to some products as a credit line for the company or a credit card)

Because of its age, the "Shelf Companies" are usually more expensive than newly incorporated companies.

IBGroup covers any need your new company needs in terms of its structure and jurisdiction: owning a secretary, a second shareholder, an administrator or director, a local partner, an accountant, have a registered address, a virtual or physical office, creating a logo and / or a seal or stamp, a notarial certification and apostille, etc.