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We deal any kind of industrial transactions: real estate or financial.

We deal and monetize any kind of financial instruments.

SWIFT management services

Insurance Wrap management services (usually with the aim of obtaining funding or access a program)

We operate in EBICS, Euroclear, DTC, Server to Server (S2S), SWIFT MT103, Bank Draft (SWIFT MT110), Foreign Exchange, etc.

We fund the trading of crude oil or refined through Letter of Credit (LC) or Standy Letter of Credit (SBLC)

We fund the construction of new buildings, the development of an industrial project and the acquisition of resorts and hotels through financial instruments or private equity.

We fund social and humanitarian projects through financial instruments or private equity.

We fund the reconstruction and development of disaster areas, with sovereign guarantees and other financial instruments.

Paymaster: We provide the Paymaster service that gives you the comfort you need in your transactions. Total security. Maximum confidentiality. Best conditions.


We provide funding against assets as collateral anywhere in the world:

  • Artworks
  • Insurance policies
  • Mineral /exploitable deposits (mining on and unexploited)
  • Precious metals, mainly gold (rough, powder, ingot or wire) platinum, palladium and silver (We accept Category 6 message types: Treasury Markets and Precious Metals, with the type designation MT 6xx)
  • Gems, mainly precious, as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, but also deal with semiprecious stones like pearls, jade, quartz or alexandrite.
  • Other minerals, mainly aluminum, copper and nickel (rough, powder or wire)
  • Jewelry, mainly those of gold and inlaid with precious stones, pearls and / or proven historical value.