Private Placement Program

These are called Private Placement Programs, because what is done is placing financial instruments privately in the secondary market.

Another name was given HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, but fell into disuse because they are commonly confused with structure or Ponzi schemes, which caused them an undeserved fame.

PPPs are the best and safest investment vehicles high performance, of particular interest to private or corporate investors who have large amounts of cash or Discount Bank Instruments (DBI) and require highly specialized for management. It is not a product accessible to the general public, but only by invitation, according to current legislation.

Of course must be established, without exception, the source of funds, which should always be clean source, non-criminal and under the full control of the investor and not subject to charges or other restrictions.

PPP (Private Placement Program) for customers around the world with financial instruments (BG, CD, SBLC, SKR) whenever the Due Diligence (DD) is conducted by the Department of Compliance and successfully overcome.


Main features:


Capital guaranteed by a Top 10 International bank.

Weekly high performance guaranteed by a Top 10 International bank (Percentage yield to bid, variable, depending on
the contractual parameters)

Account opening for returns (unrestricted exclusive use for customer)

Advice and option to sign the contract in the native language of the client

Signature in the institution

Possibility of offering other investment products, subject to availability and customer needs.


Another kind of Private Investment:

Possibility of participation in a Private Investment Opportunity where the underlying assets are gems and precious metals.


Other services:

  • SWIFT management services. We also operate in Euroclear, DTC, Server to Server (S2S), SWIFT MT103, Bank Draft (MT110), etc.
  • Paymaster: We provide the Paymaster service that gives you the comfort you need in your transactions. Total security. Maximum confidentiality. Best conditions.